Vacuum Packing / Pengepakan Vakum / Mesin Vakum Tipe   DZ-500N/B

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Specification of Vacuum Packing / Pengepakan Vakum / Mesin Vakum Tipe   DZ-500N/B

Vacuum Packing / Vacuum Packing / Vacuum Machine Type DZ-500N / B

Vacuum packaging is a packaging method by removing air from the packaging before sealing plastic packaging. Vacuum packaging by removing air from the packaging aims to:
- Extends the shelf life of food
- Maintain the freshness of the taste and aroma of food
- With the form of a sleek package after being vacuumed it can reduce the volume of packaging when composing into a box
After the air has been removed, this machine will automatically seal the plastic packaging so that the air does not re-enter.
This vacuum machine is widely used in wet food packaging products such as raw meat, sausages, meatballs, dumplings, nuggets, rendang, spices and others. Because by removing air from the packaging can inhibit bacterial growth so that food products that have been packaged using this machine can last longer. Generally the food ingredients that have used this packaging method are products that have very tight and tight plastic packaging. The type of plastic used must be plastic with a certain type, namely plastic made from LDPE, PED and nylon, all three of which have been laminated into plastic bag packaging or commonly called nylon plastic. Using plastic other than this type will not function perfectly, because ordinary plastic after being vacuumed, generally the next day the air will re-enter into ordinary plastic packaging.
This machine can also be used to store dry food for a long period of time, such as rice, cereal, beans, cheese, tea, coffee, etc.

For food products easily destroyed during the vacuum packing process (such as chips, snacks), an alternative method of packaging in air vacuum is the product packaging filled with nitrogen gas after the air removal process is complete. After the nitrogen gas has finished filling then the packaging is sealed. The vacuum machine used is the same as a vacuum machine generally, only the engine is equipped with a nitrogen gas filler (Gas Fill).

Product specifications
Model: DZ-500N / B
Voltage: 1 Phase 200V / 50 Hz
Power: 900 W
Vacuum chamber: 52x52,5x10 cm
Single bar sealing: 50x1 cm
Double sealing bar: 50x1 cm
Vacuum pressure capacity: 20m³
Cycle time: 10-30 sec
Weight: 130 Kg
Dimensions: 63x62x46 cm

We have this machine with various types and capacities, for further information please contact us. Get an offer that is affordable and guaranteed.
contact information:
Email: hwmesin@gmail.com
Jl. Abdurrahman saleh No.20 Asrikaton, Pakis, Malang

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