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Pharmaceitical Refrigerator
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IDR 18800000.00

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Pharmaceutical Refrigerator - Drug Chiller
That is a refrigerator specifically designed to store medicines. This cabinet is equipped with a No Frost system that will not produce freezing on the drug, and is also equipped with vertical lights, so you can see the types of drugs clearly. Usually these cabinets are in the Laboratory, in hospitals, etc. This cabinet is also equipped with wheels, so it will be easy to move it. This medicine storage cabinet is available with various types and of course the specifications are different, so you can choose one that suits your needs.
1. acoustic alarm
2. wheels
3. temperature: + 4 ~ +8 degrees C
4. No frost
5. digital thermometer
6. vertical lights


Type: EXPO-280PH
dimensions: 54 × 72.3 × 169.5cm
volume: 280L
power: 351W
shelf: 4
refrigerant: R 134a
weight: 59Kg
Type: EXPO-480PH
dimensions: 52.5 × 72.3 × 199.5
volume: 360L
power: 411W
shelf: 4
refrigerant: R 143a
weight: 95Kg
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