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Electric Grill / Contact Grill type CGL-811
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IDR 2071300.00

Specification of

Contact Grill

An electric grill that is fused to roast meat or fish for steaks, etc. This machine is equipped with a thermostat and a non-stick skillet, so your food will be more interesting. This machine is also equipped with a heater from the top and bottom so that the meat you roast will be cooked evenly.


* Type: CGL -811

* Power: 2000W / 220V

* Frequency: 50/60 Hz

* Dimensions: 37x30.1x18.5 cm

* Weight: 16 Kg

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For info and reservations please contact:

CP: 081333202221/081252444967

Address: Jl. H. Abdul Majid no. 107B Pakisjajar, Pakis, Malang


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