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Strapping Machine
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11 Apr 2019
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Strapping machine with type SM-10H or in Indonesian can also be called a rope fastening machine, is the process of tying a rope on a box or other product to seal, hold, and strengthen the box packaging. With this strap, the rope is able to maintain and tighten the product and packaging so that the packaging is not easily broken. Using this strap can also streamline the cost of using a thick box, because by using thin box packaging but plus a strap tie, the packaging and the product will be maintained. This machine can work fast, the process of tying the rope only takes 2 seconds when the strap touches the fastener button.

The type of rope used on this machine is made from PP (polypropylene) which has advantages in the strength of the pull of the rope. So that this machine can also be used to combine several products and then tied with a rope. Examples of bar wood, hebel bricks, books / magazines / newspapers combined are then tied up, and there are many more products that can be tied using this machine.

Voltage: 220 V
Power: 0.2 KVA
Strap pressure. : 40-400N (9-90 lbs)
Uk. mak. strap. : Not Shipulated
Uk. min. strap. : 60x30 mm
Pattern: Heating Joint
Strap speed. : 0.53 s / strap
Wide strap. : 5-15 mm
Weight: 81x55x76 cm
Dimensions: 67 Kg

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The machine we sell has a warranty.

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Note: Before you make a transaction, please check the stock and price first. Prices can change at any time. Thanks.

Strapping Machine

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