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GEA Slush Machine type MYGRANITA-1S
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IDR 13500000.00

Specification of

Slush Making Machine

This machine functions to make slush or snow ice, with some features including, this machine keeps your slush at a temperature that does not melt easily. Easy to operate, the tank can be removed and easily cleaned. Panels made of stainless steel. Equipped with a Lid lock and handle for security.


  • Type: MYGRANITA-1S
  • Dimensions: 27x52x81 cm
  • Watt: 530W
  • Volt: 220V / 1P / 50Hz
  • Sugar Content:> 13 Brix
  • Temp : -2 ~ -10 ° C
  • Volume: 1x12L
  • Weight: 31.9 Kg

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