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Sub Zero Cooler -6°C type EXPO-500BC
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IDR 15500000.00

Specification of

Wine Storage Machine / Sub Zero Cooler -6 ° C

Sub Zero Cooler is a cabinet designed to cool soft drinks, such as beer, colas, etc., which reach temperatures of -2 ~ -6 ° C so that when the drink is poured into a glass it will produce a frost beverage (foam).


  • Heated glass door: so that the glass does not condense
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Lighted Canopy


  • Type: EXPO-500BC
  • Dimensions: 670x640x2150 mm
  • Volume: 400L
  • Power: 635 W
  • Shelf: 5
  • Refresh. : R 134 a
  • Weight: 146 Kg

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