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Fryer Machine / Electric Deep Fryer type EF-88
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IDR 1250000.00

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ELECTRIC DEEP FRYER engine, this machine is a professional frying machine that uses electric power as its heating source. This machine has an electric fryer which is concave in shape and can accommodate cooking oil with a relatively large capacity. The DEEP FRYER ELECTRIC engine is also equipped with a thermostat control or temperature control feature. This feature really helps you to control the temperature you need according to the product you are cooking. This machine is also made of stainless steel stainless material which has gone through various trials and has passed quality control. How to use this machine is also very easy and safe. So you beginners need not be afraid of using the ELECTRIC DEEP FRYER engine. This engine heater no longer uses LPG gas but uses electricity as its heating source. When you use the ELECTRIC DEEP FRYER engine, you do not need to repeatedly replace your cooking oil, because this machine is very economical on the ingredients it uses. Especially if you use deep fryer oil or heat-resistant oil, the product you will produce will be more crisp and oil you can use to repeatedly.


  • Model: EF-88
  • Dimensions: 27x42x35cm
  • Pan model: FP½-8
  • Power: 2,800 W
  • Capacity: 8.5L
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg


  • Stainless steel body
  • thermostat + safety thermostat
  • hot & power light indicator
  • temperature range 50-200 ° C

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Deep Fryer Machine

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