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Food Dehydrator GETRA type FD-16
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14 Sep 2019
1 unit
IDR 5.600.000

Specification of

Food Drying Machine / Food Dehydrator

A machine that functions to dry various kinds of food, such as: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, spices, etc. By using this machine you no longer need to spend to dry in the sun, because this machine is a substitute for sunlight, especially during the rainy season, your product will stay dry by using this machine. Suitable for industries / factories of fruit chips and other dry ingredients.


  • Type: FD-16
  • Dimensions: 52x55x57 cm
  • Volume: 95 L
  • Number of shelves: 16
  • Wire rack dimensions: 49x37 cm
  • Pan Dimensions: 49x34 cm
  • Watts: 1000W
  • Temperature: 30 ~ 90 ° C
  • Weight: 28 KG

This machine is available in various capacities and different specifications. Order now and get a machine that suits your needs.

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  1. Various Food Machines
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  7. Various Meat and Fish Processing Machines
  8. Various Vegetable and Fruit Processing Machines
  9. Various other Appropriate Machines.

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