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Tilting Cooking Mixer type CMS-200SL
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04 Jul 2019
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Specification of Tilting Cooking Mixer type CMS-200SL

Of course you all know dodol. Dodol is a type of food made using sticky rice flour. This typical food is so legendary. Its sticky and chewy texture with sweet taste makes it very distinctive. The Dodol is popular from children to adults. The delicacy of dodol makes this food a lot of demand. Aside from being a dodol snack it is often used as souvenirs or gifts for relatives. The process of making dodol is indeed quite old where it must be cooked for hours. Of course also very draining the power of the makers.

Here we have a solution so that the making of your dodol is not too time-consuming, effortless and of course fuel-efficient. TILTING COOKING MIXER machine, this machine functions to make dodol, thick soup, sauce, caramel, fruit jam etc. With the TILTING COOKING MIXER machine you can make dodol products in a practical and hygienic manner. This machine has a stirrer equipped with a knife that can heat up to 300 degrees C. Of course it reduces the energy that you will remove when making dodol takes place. The furnace of this machine is also made of stainless steel which is strong and anti-rust. It can also maintain the hygiene of your product. In the furnace there is a bird's beak which serves to make it easier for you to pour your product. How this machine works by using LPG gas fuel. This engine heater uses a high pressure gas stove with very high and stable heat pressure.


  • Type: CMS-200SL
  • Dimensions: 120x120x168cm
  • Capacity: 200L
  • Power: 20KW (gas) 2Hp
  • Weight: 230Kg

This machine is available in various types with different specifications and specifications, you can choose according to your needs. Order now and get a variety of other machines just in our shop "HW Equipment". And don't ask for the best offer from our store. We provide a variety of Food Machinery, Various Beverage Machines, Various Packaging Machines, Various Bread Machines, Various Cooling Machines, Various Vegetable and Fruit Machines, Various Danging and Fish Processing Machines, and Various Cake Display Machines.

The machine we sell has a warranty.

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Note: Before you make a transaction, please check the stock and price first. Prices can change at any time. thanks.

Food Mixer Machine

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