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cooler and freezer type ASIA-45
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GETRA Type ASIA-45 Ice Cream display

The Ice Cream Cooler Machine or Large Capacity Ice Cream Display Machine functions as a premium ice cream displayer. Food Cooler Machine, especially ice cream, it has various features such as the Both-side vertical lamp, there are vertical lights on both sides so that the inside is illuminated well and brightly. This Large Capacity Up Right Glass Door Freezer also has the Automatic Defrost feature which can eliminate ice clots automatically without the need to clean it regularly, Forced air ventilation, 3 layers antifog glass which is 3 layer anti fog glass, Lighted canopy + lock to make it more safe and stable temperature inside, Analog thermometer and Adjustable shelves.
Special Features of Ice Cream Display Machine (Up Right Glass Door Freezer) Large Capacity: ASIA-45
    Length: 670 mm
    Width: 666 mm
    Height: 1957 mm
    Volume: 397 L
    Temperature: -24 degrees C
    Refrigrant: R404a
    Wattage: 940
    Weight: 142 kg
    Origin: Thailand
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