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Soybean Milk Making Machine
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Automatic Soybean Milk Making Machine Type ET-YL9
Soymilk maker is a production tool used to make soy milk. Starting from smoothing the bean seeds to extracting and separating the juice from soybeans from soybeans.
Soymilk maker will do the milling, squeeze or extraction process, and the separation of soybean juice from soybean pulp automatically. Easy to clean and the quality of milk is maintained because the material is made of stainless steel.
Soybean Milk Making Machine is very suitable to be applied to the culinary business of soy milk in homes, factories, etc. This Soybean Milk Tool is highly recommended because it is practical and fast in processing soybeans into delicious soybean milk.

- Presto system
- Stainless steel body
- Water-lacked protection
- 2 power sources:
~ Electricity: grinder
~ Gas: cooking

Machine Specifications:
- Dimensions: 87.5cmx50 cmx110 cm
- Capacity: 40 liters / 30 minutes
- Power: 1,100 Watts
- BTU: 30,000
- Voltage: 220V / 1P / 50Hz

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