Auto Lift-Up Noodle Cooker type WBLL-540CA

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21 Sep 2021
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Noodle Cooker

Specification of Auto Lift-Up Noodle Cooker type WBLL-540CA


Who does not know about this one food, Noodle ?? Yes, thin and long dough that has been rolled, dried, and cooked in boiling water. This term also refers to dry noodles which must be cooked again by dipping in water. Well noodles have been consumed since ancient times until now. Noodles originated in the eastern Han Dynasty, the oldest noodles estimated to be 4,000 years old found in Qinhai, China. How to cook it is different in various countries, they serve a variety of processed noodle menus. The way to name the ingredients is also different.

Noodle Cooking Machine

From year to year the way to cook noodles is growing, now there are available noodle cooking machines with automatic cooking systems, yes this machine is designed to make it easier for you when cooking noodles without having to spend a lot of energy. This machine is made specifically of stainless material so that it will maintain the hygiene of the noodles you cook, with various features, there are 6 baskets, a separate power switch in each basket, a digital timer to set the cooking time for each basketball, each panel can be programmed 3 different cooking times, each basket hole works separately, tap water coming in from the front and back, large volume of heating tank so that the cooked noodles are evenly distributed, water level sensor, slicing tray for user safety from hot water spills. By cooking noodles using this machine, it will make it easier for you to grow your business, this machine is not only for noodles but also for udon, pasta, dumpling, etc. Suitable for businesses, restaurants, catering and hotels.


  • Type: WBLL-540CA
  • Dimensions: 130x70x117cm
  • Power: 12,000W
  • Voulme: 60L
  • Weight: 100 kg

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