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Gas Griller type ET-K233
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culinary, indeed the majority of Indonesian people are food lovers. when we and family go on vacation to the place of tourism that we are first looking for is culinary. talking about culinary, it seems that many people are tempted to run a culinary business. because indeed the marketing methods of the culinary products themselves are fairly uncomplicated and many are interested. culinary itself is very attached to everyday life, so many people are tempted to run a culinary business.

here we will introduce cool and sophisticated machines that are very suitable for culinary style. gas griller food machine, this machine serves to bake sausages, meat, steaks and so on. different from traditional grills. how to roast this machine that is without removing smoke, because of the way the customer uses fire not with charcoal. how to use it is also easy even though it is used by beginners. This machine is suitable for use in restaurants, cafes and even home industries.


compared to traditional grills, the way this machine works is more effective. because of how to use it using fire instead of using charcoal. it also maintains health and reduces pollution. when baking with this machine, of course you don't have to bother to fuse the charcoal to be ready for use. just by turning the button, the machine is ready to use. the food produced will also be able to cook evenly, because the fire produced by the gas roaster machine is very even. the roasting is also fast and customers can be satisfied. because customer satisfaction is a priority.


  • Type: ET-K233
  • Dimensions: 80x40x18cm
  • Gas power: 6x5Kw

This machine is available in various types with different capacities and specifications, you can choose according to your needs. Order now and get a variety of other machines just in our shop "HW Equipment". And don't miss the best offers from our store. We provide a variety of Food Machinery, Various Beverage Machines, Various Packaging Machines, Various Bread Machines, Various Cooling Machines, Various Vegetable and Fruit Machines, Various Danging and Fish Processing Machines, and Various Cake Display Machines.

The machine we sell has a warranty.

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Gas Griller

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