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GEA Ice Cream Machine / Gelato Showcase type
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IDR 23500000.00

Specification of

Mini portable Counter Display that functions to display gelato ice cream, has been equipped with LED lights on four sides for the attractiveness of the produka on display, flat layer flat glass doors, double openings to the top, the frame is made of aluminum so that it looks more elegant. Dilengakpi with 3 bin x GN 1 / 3-4, which can be filled with 3 different flavors.


  • Type: G3-SS
  • Dimensions: 61x75.3x38 cm
  • Volume: 3 bin x GN 1 / 3-4
  • Temperature: -16 ~ -18 ° C
  • Wattage: 500W
  • Refresh. : R-404a
  • Weight: 50 Kg

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