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Noodle Cooker
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Noodle Cooker HGN-748 Is a stove equipped with a tank that serves to cook noodles efficiently. Using this machine is very helpful for you because it is equipped with a tank that is divided into 3 compartments (@ 2 holes) which will make it easier for you to cook noodles with 1 range. also equipped with 2 Drainage (Disposal of water), 3 independent burners and water taps. One existing compartment can be used to cook gravy at once.

Type: HGN-748
Dimensions: 60 x 70 x 100 cm
Power: 3 x 13,500 BTU / Hour
Fuel: LPG gas
Tank Volume: 3 x 5 Liter
Weight: 40 Kg

This machine is also available with several types and with different specifications. We provide a variety of other versatile machines that will help support the production of your uasaha such as food processing machines, beverage processing machines, packaging machines and other industrial machines that are quality and guaranteed.
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NB: Stock items adjust and prices can change at any time. please contact us first to check availability.

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Instant noodles

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