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CV Gagah Rukun Persada

Gas Kwali Range
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In choosing a Gas Regulator, please ensure the selection of Low Pressure or Medium / High (Medium / High Pressure) pressure in accordance with the stove specifications. Gas stoves that are designed with low pressure, when using a high pressure regulator, will damage the membrane, explode, and the fire will soar, risking a fire. Now available in our shop stove with low pressure, this stove is designed from a material that is anti-rust so that it will be durable and anti-rust. This stove is usually applied in hotels, restaurants and catering.


  • Model: KR-11
  • Dimensions: 88x79x102cm
  • Power: Gas (20Kw) Electricity (80W)

This machine is also available with different specifications and capacities, of course you adjust to your needs.
let's check and get business inspiration machines or other industries, of course, machines that will help facilitate the production of your business.
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Kwali Range Gas

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