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Deep Fryer

Specification of Gas Deep Fryer type GF-71


The challenge that must be faced when frying is an explosion or splash of hot oil during the frying process. Don't take it as a trivial thing, because with a burst of hot cooking oil it can endanger us. Apart from that, with the passing of time, the inventors of modern tools created a practical and safe frying tool. This tool is fairly safe and practical, because with this tool you can fry as you like without any explosions that you often fear during the frying process. This tool is also often encountered in fast food restaurants, such as KFC, McDonald's etc.

DEEP FRYER engine, this machine is an innovation in frying food with a machine equipped with a dipper to soak the dough to be fried. With this machine you can produce crispy and delicious crispy foods. When you use this DEEP FRYER machine, the product you will produce will be cooked evenly in all parts because inside there is a tank filled with oil where the product will not burn because it is fried in very hot oil. Unlike when you fry using a regular griddle, which is very wasteful on oil so you often run out of oil and can make your product burnt and sticky over the pan. This machine is made of stainless steel that is strong, anti-rust and durable. Of course also can still maintain the hygiene of your product. The way this machine works uses LPG gas which is very economical. So you don't need to worry about wasteful fuel when frying using this DEEP FRYER engine. This machine is also equipped with super-sophisticated systems. Like the thermostat, this thermostat serves to regulate the temperature. So you can adjust the temperature of the oil according to the ingredients to be fried. This DEEP FRYER machine is very practical where you don't need to refill cooking oil many times because this machine has enough capacity to hold oil.


Of course when you use the DEEP FRYER engine you will find many things that really benefit you users. With this DEEP FRYER machine you don't need to need a long time to fry your product. Because this machine is designed to meet the needs of fast-food restaurant entrepreneurs. That greatly reduces the time consuming and you can quickly serve your food products to customers. This DEEP FRYER machine is also equipped with a filter basket so that after the product is fried, you can pour it directly into the basket. The filter basket capacity is also wide, so you can drain your product with quite a lot. When you use a machine, of course the product you will produce will be more crispy especially if you use deep fryer oil or oil that is heat resistant. With this machine you can also save fuel because this machine is very efficient on fuel. In this machine component there is also a system that can regulate how the temperature needed is in accordance with the product to be fried. This frying machine is made of stainless steel which is stainless and easy to clean. Unlike the ordinary skillet, which often makes food stick to and frying and difficult to clean. With the DEEP FRYER engine that problem you will never encounter. The price of the DEEP FRYER machine is also very comparable when compared to the benefits that will be produced


  • Deep Fryer Frying or familiar with the name Automatic Fryer is divided into two, namely Electric Frying and Gas Frying.
  • Electric Fryers certainly use electrical energy as energy to heat electric fryer components.
  • While the Gas Fryer clearly uses gas energy to produce better fire heat.
  • Deep Fryer Frying is very different from cooking utensils frying with a stove usually.
  • Fire produced by Deep Fryers Fryers are bluer than ordinary stoves. So as to produce more optimal heating compared to the usual type of stove.


  • Type: GF-71
  • Dimensions: 29x52x44.5cm
  • Pan Dimension: 29x52x44.5cm
  • Capacity: 6L
  • Gas Power: 4Kw
  • Weight: 11 kg

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The machine we sell has a warranty.

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Gas Deep Fryer

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