Combi Oven type MOOD-7G

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Combi Oven

Specification of Combi Oven type MOOD-7G

For those of you entrepreneurs in the business of restaurants, restaurants and industries, of course you are already familiar with the types of ovens that are now increasingly sophisticated. However, for those of you who are middle-class housewives or industries, maybe it is quite difficult with the type of oven that has more variety.
Yes, ovens, toaster and baking machines, now this machine has been innovated into a machine with fiber technology. of course this greatly affects the quality of the baking grill results, capacity and practicality in its use.

If you visit a place with cake and bread, of course you will find various types of oven machines. Well of course this time we will discuss about one type of oven that is combined with the latest technology. Namely the COMBI OVEN machine, this machine is a tool for baking cakes that is equipped with the latest technology systems. This machine is very different from other oven machines, this COMBI OVEN machine is not only you can use to roast, but you can also use this COMBI OVEN machine for several other purposes in one work. Yes COMBI OVEN is a roasting machine that is combined with several other machines. For example, the oven can wrap and boil food. There is also an oven that can be used to bake and boil. Certainly every type of COMBI OVEN has different functions according to the combination of the embedded machines.

This machine can also be used to cook in 3 ways, namely by convection mode temperature of 30-270 ° C, steam temperature of 30-130 ° C, and combi (convection + steam) temperature of 30-270 ° C, up to 5 + 1 stage of cooking for 100 different menus. This machine is also equipped with other advanced technologies, including: digital viewers can access the recipes you store, inversion of automatic fan rotation, suspension of air flow during the cooking phase, steam efficiency designed to adjust the humidity level of 10% -100%, core probe and delta -T, display cooking time reminders, fan speed display, and automatic diagnostic system to detect problems. In this machine system there are also 3 automatic cleaning methods, namely (soft, medium, and hard). The engine is also equipped with internal lights, two-layer glass doors (thermostop doors and easily removable internal glass), automatic doors with anti-blast-out system + contact switch, and airtight interior cabin S / s AISI 304 HACCP standard. By using this machine you will save space, because this machine is designed with a size that is not too large. The material used to make this machine is made of stainless steel, so you no longer need to doubt the strength and durability. Equipped with atmospheric grills with a corrugated heat exchanger pipe as well as an internal turbulator for heat exchange efficiency. Of course when you use the COMBI OVEN machine you will be very economical on time usage, because with this machine you can do several jobs at one time.


  • Type: MOOD-7G
  • Dimensions: 83x89x109cm
  • Capacity: 7 pcs (Gn 1/1) 6 pcs (Bakery pan 60x40cm)
  • Power: 1000W (Electricity) 17KW (Gas)
  • Pitch: 70mm
  • Weight: 109 kg

This oven is available in various types with different capacities and specifications, you can choose according to your needs. Order now and get a variety of other machines just in our shop "HW Equipment". And don't miss the best offers from our store. We provide a variety of Food Machinery, Various Beverage Machines, Various Packaging Machines, Various Bread Machines, Various Cooling Machines, Various Vegetable and Fruit Machines, Various Danging and Fish Processing Machines, and Various Cake Display Machines.

The machine we sell has a warranty.

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